Student Blog #6

by Guest Writer Pierce 

I first want to say that the whole experience thus far has been a true adventure.  I am new to theater and have already learned so much.  I couldn't have a better instructor or more knowledgeable peers.  They all have earned my deep respect. I look forward to learning and growing more with my fellow cast mates.

I am very excited for the show, albeit a little anxious.  I am totally impressed with the courage shown by everyone involved, and will strive to match their courage.  I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and stories, and have found doing so very therapeutic.  I have found the thoughts and stories of others very informative and inspiring.  I can't wait to build an ensemble with such kind and fascinating people.

If you're in the Morehead area (or relatively close) from Feb. 17-22, come and see a show that's sure to be a unique, thought-provoking, and touching experience!