Inspiration Everywhere

These young people are so loving and inspiring during rehearsals and even when I see them around campus. Being back in an educational institution is also inspiring. Returning to my own place of higher learning has inspired me. I am receiving such respect and love from faculty that were my teachers and new staff alike. It's a different kind of respect than receiving good grades; it's the kind of respect you receive when your hard work to get those grades is now being put into practice. I'm sure my professors feel a sense of pride knowing their dedication is paying off and manifesting itself as something tangible. 

Anytime I teach a group of students, I learn with them. I think right now that's the most fulfilling part of the rehearsal process so far.  This cast rejuvenates my own youth while also helping me appreciate my age. I love being a part of the ensemble they are creating. See what the students have to say as I continue to post a different blog by each of them daily. And you should also like Cleaning Closets on Facebook and follow Cleaning Closets on Twitter since that's what I've been telling my students to do!