Seeing BOTH sides clearly…


How can you get involved?

  1. Share your story. Set up a Skype/Phone interview with Jonathan by emailing

  2. Sponsor. For sponsorship levels, please email Jonathan at

  3. Donate. Even smaller individual donations help bring this project to life! A portion of each donation also supports the mission of PFLAG of Central Kentucky. Donate now at

  4. Host an Exhibit. There are still a few months available in the calendar for next year. Do you have a venue to host a month-long exhibit? Could be a gallery or a non-traditional space such as a coffee shop, student center, restaurant, hair salon, or theatre lobby. Email Jonathan with details at

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True stories

As usual, this tour will share true coming out stories from both sides of the closet door. All stories will be from Kentuckians, many of whom live in towns with Fairness Ordinances that protect people based on gender and sexuality.


Each story will be accompanied by a portrait of the storyteller. These portraits will all highlight the beautiful Bluegrass State in which these storytellers live!

the closet door is a symbol for many stories.

the closet door is a symbol for many stories.

Cleaning Closets Logo (R).jpg

interactive map

An interactive, digital map will show where each exhibit is held, tell a little bit more about each storyteller and where they’re from, where each sponsor and partner is from, and which cities have passed Fairness Ordinances.