First for Film

I recently interviewed the first storyteller for the upcoming film documentary!  My friend Charli, from one of my many jobs (oh the life of an artist), has agreed to use her brand new (at least new to her) hand-held camera to record the documentary.  I'm super excited to be gaining more stories for the archives, while also equally excited to be collaborating with a new artist and friend!  And my film "crew" and I both learned so much from our storyteller.  I met this storyteller at Tribe, a discussion group hosted by Project Vida.   

This middle-age storyteller admitted that she still struggles with her identity.  To herself she identifies as a heterosexual transgender woman, but due to health reasons she'll never be able to fully transition which makes her feel like the woman inside is sometimes dead.  Therefore he outwardly identifies as a bisexual man so as not to confuse the people around him.  However this doesn't always make things easier since like the T in LGBT, the B is quite often the least accepted letter in society.  According to several of the interviews that I've conducted, many of the people who identify as transgender and/or bisexual are often ostracized by both the heterosexual and the homosexual communities.   Being bisexual is often misconstrued as being confused or being greedy or even as being a stepping stone to becoming gay. 

I won't share the whole interview with you because you'll have to wait to see that when the film documentary is finished.  Instead I've included one of my favorite anecdotes from the interview in a small sound bite in the Archives.  Be sure to check back next Friday when I talk a little bit about the actual filming process which is always new to me as a theatre artist!