Setting Up

For me, the film process is always exciting because I don't know much about it.  I've done a little bit of unpaid extra work before (which can actually be boring).  I've had friends get paid really well for being an extra, though, and so I'm sure they didn't mind being bored.  I have done a few shoots with Tello Films (an awesome lesbian production company).  But overall, I really don't know much about how it all works. 

So when Charli, my camera person, and I interviewed our first film documentary subject, there was a lot of set-up that needed to be done.  Sure, there's a lot to prep before a play.  You have to test the sound equipment and the lights.  It's the same with film.  You have to test the same things.  But in previous interviews, the only thing I've had to set up was my laptop and the audio recorder on my iPhone.  So having to check the sound, and get the microphones put together, and check the camera and adjust the light coming through the windows is a lot of work.  Then in the middle of the interview, we have to pause to readjust cameras and repeat questions.  It's all part of the process, but we have to be conscious not to disturb the flow and thought process of the storyteller for too long.  It's definitely a balancing act that I have to get used to.  And I'm still learning how to conduct a good interview on top of it all.  So there's lots to think about besides the final product when interviewing people for Cleaning Closets