Sorry It's Been So Long

Sometimes I wish I could just spend all day crafting my art because I have so many project ideas I want to work on. But that doesn't exactly pay the bills and I have a responsibility to my household to at least keep our utilities from getting shut off. So when it comes time to prioritize my projects, it's extremely hard especially when the inspiration for one idea comes but I'm supposed to be focused on a different project.
For instance, I've been writing a separate play outside of Cleaning Closets for a while now, but my priority is the script for the web series and my lesson plans for MSU. So sometimes my other script must fall to the wayside. But when the inspiration for other projects hits, I can't ignore it and risk losing it all. So I have to start writing down ideas for those projects. Now I also need to start working on the editing for the film documentary.  But trust me when I say it'll all get done!  The good thing is I can set my own deadlines, but I don't want to keep pushing things off either.  Oh the life of an artist.