From Title to Title(R)

Well it’s officially official now!  The title of this oral history project is NO LONGER JUST Cleaning Closets, but Cleaning Closets® because it’s now a registered trademark!  I received the documentation earlier this week and have been so excited to blog about it!  Check out the awesome letter in the Archives (of course it would look much more fantabulous in color because the seal is gold!).  It’s taken a long time to get this trademark registered, but it’s been an exciting and informative process!  I have learned SO MUCH, and power is knowledge.  It all started back in October of 2012 (yes almost two years ago) when I emailed the Lawyers for the Creative Arts and applied for their assistance.  They’re a great organization that helps artists with legal issues get in touch with lawyers who can help them at lower costs (because we all know how broke we artists are).  I did have to pay a nominal fee to LCA, but then they were able to find me a law firm in their network that assisted me pro bono!  I did however have to pay the fees for registering the trademark, which are not cheap, but it was worth it because now no one else can use the title Cleaning Closets ® for at least the next 10 years.  Then I’ll have to reregister the trademark.  I also have to re-file the paperwork in about five years.  The entire staff at Quarles & Brady, LLP was so kind and helpful.  I’m eternally grateful to them.  There are many steps in registering a trademark, but it’s finally over and I have that gold-sealed paper!