Other Resources

Statistically speaking, LGBTQ+ folx are at higher risk of substance abuse and depression. There have been several treatment centers to reach out to me asking me to add them to the resource list. I've decided, though, that since these centers are not LGBTQ+ specific, I am not going to add them to my resource list. However, I thought it would be nice to list them below in this blogpost instead since they did take the time to reach out to me. Please note that I have not vetted these centers, so I am not formally recommending them, but their representatives seemed very nice and all took the time to reach out to me which shows that they are proactive. So this list might be a good starting point for you or a loved one who's dealing with depression or addiction. 

  1. Beach House

  2. DrugRehab

  3. RehabSpot

  4. detox

  5. Alcohol Rehab Guide

  6. Project Know

  7. free grants for women

  8. Rehab Center