Snow Day

We all hope for snow days as children, but as an adult artist you don't want your shows to get cancelled.  That may be the case for Cleaning Closets: Morehead State University.    It's better safe than sorry because this is one of the worst blizzards I've EVER seen here in Kentucky and traveling is risky right now.  In all the years I grew up here, I've never seen the entire state shut down.  I had ONE snow day as a student at MSU, but not even the faculty has ever seen it shut down for a week.  Of course this is DEVASTATING for me, but it's got to be even worse for the students who have literally put their hearts and souls into sharing their own stories.  The staff and I are trying to work out some options, but I may not get to be here for the performances if they reschedule them.  And to top it all off, I'm missing my boyfriend's birthday, our 10 year anniversary, and I was in the ER all night with a kidney stone!