Student Blog #3

by Guest Writer Iva 

Before I even auditioned for Cleaning Closets, I thought I had a clear understanding of what the show would be about. Basically, we would be sharing other people’s stories. And these stories would be about someone coming out, or someone who had been come out to. I only had two terms in mind. And they were “Homosexual” and “Lesbian”. We would be telling their stories only. But from the moment I attended the [initial] workshop, I realized we would be learning about the entire LGBTQ community. And not only that, but how race, culture and religion was tied into it. I am only 3 rehearsals in, and there is still so much I am going to learn. I learned a lot about gender and sexuality. I learned a lot about how a person can express their gender and their sexuality. Not only that, but I have learned so much about my fellow actors. I learned how they identify, and I have learned a lot about their struggles and how they have over come them. I assumed Cleaning Closets would be just an ordinary show, but it is beyond that. This show has created a positive learning environment for everyone involved. Everyone is accepted, and everyone is comfortable with each other. Before this show, I thought I knew all there was to know about Gender and Sexuality, but thanks to Cleaning Closets I have gained and will continue to gain a better understanding of the LGBTQ community.