Student Blog #1

 By Guest Writer Eric 

We recently started our rehearsals and workshops for the show Cleaning Closets here at Morehead State University. Seeing as this is the alma mater for our director, Jonathan Mayo, I think we all feel a sense of pride to be able to bring this show to the stage in our theatre.

This is my first show in a couple of years and each time I am on stage, I learn something different. The stage, while it’s a place where you typically portray someone else, is a place where you learn the most about yourself. Since my first performance in fourth grade, it’s been a safe haven for me to feel comfortable. Before coming out, it was a parallel to my life because that's what I was doing in my life; portraying a character who is straight. After coming out, the stage was even more freeing.

I have done many shows and many characters and put myself in many different costumes. I have had Whiteout in my hair, I have worn army uniforms, and I have put on heels. This is the first show where I am playing a character in a resemblance to myself, because this is my story. This is my chance to take the things I have been through and put them into words to possibly help someone else.

I have many different thoughts and expectations for this show.  I’ve never been a person for high expectations, but this show is going to be amazing. Jonathan has picked an amazing cast who are all different. We have different stories and we all respect the stories of the others.

When opening night rolls around, I will be ready to show everyone just what we have been working on and I’m sure everyone will feel so elated to be able to share things that may be tough, but we open our lives for a great reason. We share to help.