Lights! Camera! Action?

I’m not a cameraman.  I know very little about filmmaking.  I’m a theatre artist by trade.  So when I had to conduct a few interviews on my own earlier this month while also having to operate the camera equipment, I felt completely lost!  My friend who owns and operates the camera had a rehearsal so she let me borrow the equipment.  I’m trying to appear as professional as possible when interviewing storytellers for the film documentary, but I clearly look clueless when it comes to operating the camera.  During the second interview, I ran out of memory on the drive (or disk or chip or whatever it is that plugs into the camera) because I hadn’t transferred the footage from the first interview on to my computer yet.  I thought my friend had another drive in her bag, but none of them were compatible with the camera except the one that was full.  Thank goodness I was interviewing a friend, so he let me upload the footage onto his computer.  Then I came over the next day to transfer the files onto my hard drive.  Not only did the drive need to be cleared off (twice during the interview), but then I had to switch out the battery!  I swear, I don’t know what I would’ve done if I wasn’t at my friend’s place!  But thankfully everyone that I interviewed on my own was patient and excited to share their stories.  As if that wasn't bad enough, the sun started going down in both interviews, and I started to lose my great lighting.  Who knows what the footage will look like, but thankfully my friend who owns the camera will be editing it with me!