Next BIG Announcment

So it’s time for my next BIG announcement!  I have been commissioned to devise a brand new Cleaning Closets script with the stories of the students at my alma mater.  I’m super excited to return to Morehead State University and see how it’s changed!  This is my way to give back to the school that taught me so much.  It’s also a region of the country that still needs to be educated on the issues of homophobia.  In fact, I’m going to do a giant workshop on LGBTQ competency, open to the whole campus.  But I hear that their gay straight alliance (the ALLYance) is quite active on campus, which is a huge improvement since my day there.

I’m hoping it’s a successful enough program to be picked up by other colleges.  But it’s a little soon to be thinking about that.  First, I must think about creating my lesson plans for the rehearsal workshops.  I had almost four weeks of daily lesson plans ready to go on a flash drive.  I know that sounds like an antiquated way of storing data, but I still find them easier to use than online databases such as Google Drive.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the convenience of being able to access online storage from any computer.  In fact, I’m smart enough to keep back ups of my work online.    However, Google Drive can be a bit fickle at times.  And sometimes Google Drive, like Dropbox, requires me to have to download the document first before editing it.  So it’s just easier to plug in a flash drive and open up a folder and save changes directly to it.

But the flash drive that I’ve been using is the first flash drive I’ve ever owned, so obviously it’s quite old (and awesomely called the Mighty Drive).  It’s been working fine for years.  I even used it this past weekend.  But the next time I tried to use it, it just didn’t register in the computer.  In any computer!  And of course I hadn’t yet backed up my most recent lesson plans.  They were complex and exciting, and now they’re gone!  FOREVER!  I’m trying to spin this into a positive and tell myself that those just weren’t the lesson plans that were meant to be.  The new ones that I create will be EVEN BETTER.

Happy Pride Month!