Happy New Year!

I'm about two weeks away from heading down to my Alma Mater, Morehead State University in eastern Kentucky, to devise a new work based on the students' own coming out stories!  I'm super thrilled.  What a great way to start out the new year.  I'll be down there for about a month creating this show with them.  My goal is to create a script with the students based on their own stories, have a staged reading to solicit audience feedback, then leave them with the tools necessary to complete and produce the show on their own once I'm gone.  I can't wait to "give back" and present these students with the knowledge I've gained in the industry since college.  I'm excited to hear their stories and learn more about the culture of homophobia in Kentucky since I left.  Have things changed a lot?  Or not at all?  

The first week will be filled with LGBTQ and Ally training.  Then we'll do a lot of discussion and theatre games to build a safe zone and an ensemble over the next couple of weeks.  Then we'll weave together the stories.  Then we'll put on a performance and collect feedback!  I can't wait!  I've also reached out to some industry professionals in both the LGBTQ community and the performing arts field to Skype with my students.