A Night of Success!

Cleaning Closets: A Night of Storytelling was an amazing event!  I cannot even get over how exciting it was to experience it finally come to fruition.  The storytellers gave great performances and shared candid stories.  We had about 30 people in attendance which is close to a full house for the venue!  The audience was engaged and entertained.  And the best part was walking around afterward and listening to the audience share their own stories over drinks.  They really were inspired to continue the conversation at their tables.  A big thanks goes out to my co-curator and host Kim Morris, as well as the performers who have bios listed below, and to Chad Luellen at The Glenwood.  Keep checking back on the Archives page to see the video from the night.  And the sneak peak of the documentary was a huge hit!  It really generated buzz for the film. 


Katie L. is a writer and storyteller who moved from Boston to Chicago last year. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Gastronomica Magazine, and the Toast. She likes to bike and talk to strangers.


Laura Stempel is, among other things, a reader, a writer, a knitter, a gardener, a teaching artist in the Goodman Theater’s Ge/Narrations program, and co-chair of the LBTQ Giving Council of the Chicago Foundation for Women.  She’s appeared at Sappho’s Salon, Outspoken, Gerber Hart, and in several performance projects with Lucky Pierre.  She’s currently at work on something that may turn out to be a memoir or a set of essays or possibly just a bunch of disconnected writing that only entertains her.  Read her style blog at <www.laurastempel.com/matchorclash>.


Jeremy Owens is the creator and producer of You're Being Ridiculous. He has told stories with Lifeline Theatre's Filet of Solo Festival, Story Club, Guts & Glory, Story Sessions, That's All She Wrote and The Paper Machete. He's a food writer for Oy Chicago and Gapers Block and wants to be Roxane Gay when he grows up.

***Be sure to check out my encore performance at the next You're Being Ridiculous.